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Partner Factory

Smart Zone Ace's partner factory is one of the top OEM factories in the world. We manufacturer our own toy lines as well as other companies from around the world. On top of producing fully developed lines of toys we also manufacture house wares and many other great products and designs that meet our customer’s specific needs.

3 Minute Factory Tour

This factory is the happiest place to work! Why?

In 2002, we saw that prices were already getting too high in many of the so called "city" factories. It was at this time that we decided to build and open our factory in an out of the way location, but we did it the SMART way!

We located and built it in the Zhong Xin, He Yuan, China. We made our factory neighborhood friendly, encouraging locals to come and get a job.

Our factory covers over 50,000 square meters with over 30,000 square meters of building space.

Because we built our factory in a rural village, we can not only offer you better prices, but also guarantee better consistent workmanship and quality.

Our employees are local workers. We have become the largest employer for the entire village, their population is just under 100,000. Sixty percent or more of our employees have been working for us for five or more years servicing our 13 assembly lines. They love their job! We don't have to worry about our workers going back home to their families for the Holiday and not returning because their families live right here in the village of Lian Ping.

When the closing bell rings, our workers head home to their homes and return the next day. We respect our workers highly and in return they all do the best job possible. Please join me on this virtual tour so you can see for yourself how we do business!


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